Long live flat websites

I recently cancelled my server subscription because I was running into a lot of troubles managing all the applications and processes that were running. 

Installing Docker for example didn't work out as expected. It was also a huge struggle to install Ghost, so I decided to move on and do my own thing

This is the new thing! I am using a new tool called Lektor developed by Armin Ronacher to generate Static websites. Why didn't I use Jekyll? Pelican? Hugo? Whatever? 

I don't know, this looked easy and flexible enough to fit my needs and I really don't regret my choice so far. 

This tool is installed on my local machine and I use it to write the new version of my blog. The design is heavily inspired by in its simplicity and minimalistic design. 

<... added a small text editor that consists of a small html file and some javascript to write my content as I want it, you can find the editor here

Apparently it is also easy to add disqus, so that's a good thing because I wouldn't have to handle all the commenting section and stuff. 

So that's it, I really love the new design and I hope it will make me post more often.

I guess I will no longer struggle with:

build gulp java foo bar
handle .md files

I just write my content and I MOVE ON. 

I tried contributing to lektor and make this editor available but when I saw that there was some REACT.JS involved I decided not to act because I wasn't ready to install thousands of builders and scaffolders just to run some sample code. 

Long live Python, it does the job for me and keeps my sanity intact.

written by Karim Jedda on 2016-01-20