Automated headless multicast livestream (Youtube, Twitch, Facebook Live...)
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Automated headless multicast livestream (Youtube, Twitch, Facebook Live...)

Automating live streams for youtube, twitch with a little POC
Automated headless multicast livestream (Youtube, Twitch, Facebook Live...)

It's been a while I haven't really worked on something that excited me. This idea came after I bought a scraped list of Apps from the Apple Appstore and Google Play store that had bad reviews. (yes, inspiration doesn't wait you provoke it)

I just thought I share a little project I was working on since yesterday as it turned out better than expected (at least to me). I always asked myself how to make "programmatic livestreams" meaning how to program how a livestream should run and have it go on Autopilot. This was mainly inspired by the dynamic counters (PewDiePie vs TSeries sub count or the Lofi chill beats for example) that are livestreamed on Youtube.

When I looked into how they do it I saw that usually what they do is rent a beefy server for 150+$/month or so and have an RDP session with OBS running and they stream from there.

What I came up is a solution for how to do it on a 5€/month VPS with minimal overhead. The project is mainly HTML5 & Python 3 and I thought a first use case would be to just stream a loading bar until next year. The added benefit of this is that I can stream to twitch, facebook live and other plattforms in a synchronized fashion.

You can find the youtube livestream here:

And the stream that was started in parallel on twitch:

I am planning on adding interactivity with the chat and other features but I would first love to get your feedback, what you think, what I could do better and such.

Maybe I'm reconsidering my thoughts on creating youtube videos blog post since I could automate a whole lot of the workflow.

So far the little mvp works hands off.

PS: If there's interest I'll make a tech deep dive and share the code at some point :)