Control your server using Whatsapp
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Control your server using Whatsapp

I still haven't found a decent command line app for Android/iPhone. I really need that because I can't always carry my computer around to manage my server. I tested some few apps, even IFTTT to automate some stuff, but you can't achieve anything groundbreaking with that.

Lately, I've been working on a project to automate lots of stuff on a continent wide scale... My programs sometimes fail, sometimes they work well but I need to supervise them. They are not even 6 months old.

So in order to stay in touch with my beloved servers, I coded this bot to control any machine remotely, using whatsapp - cron jobs didn't do the job anymore.

Why Whatsapp? Because I always have my phone with me.

I present to you, my Whatsapp command line remote control utility. Or whatsappcli. It works like a Slack bot, but it allows you way more than a simple slack bot.

You can use it to execute some predefined python functions or to execute commands on a shell, as if you were in front of your computer:

Here it is executing a simple ls:

Or here it is to get the memory usage of my mac:

It can also send simple images (think of a screenshot or anything image related) and tell jokes (Google TTS powered):

For those Defcon people, it can be used as a dead man's switch, as in "delete all porn".

You can find the code here, it's barebones and you can adapt it to your specific needs. (It's adapted on another programmers code) In order to do that, you should only edit the file.

There is 0 security at the moment, because I would don't know where to begin or what to look for.

Telegram can also be used, but I don't need that app. yet.

Have fun with it.