Livestream crossplay battles: Youtube live chat plays crosswords against Twitch chat
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Livestream crossplay battles: Youtube live chat plays crosswords against Twitch chat

Livestream crossplay battles: Youtube live chat plays crosswords against Twitch chat

From time to time I come up with what is called a "Schnapsidee" in German and this is definitely one of them. A Schnapsidee is basically a crazy or weird idea that usually sounds good while having it (while drinking schnaps, alcohol) and that turns out not so good in the end.

But I swear I was sober when I had it. For some background I was working on creating automated streams for 2 days now: livestreams that are automatically generated with Python and talked about them here and here.

I quickly made a first POC test which worked by simply broadcasting to Youtube and Twitch.

Initial POC was to stream 24/7 a live progressbar for the current year

Streaming to multiple live plattforms simultaneously

The tool I wrote allows anyone to simultaneously stream from Youtube and Twitch from a 5€/month server, meaning not from your desktop. That means you can send the same video from one server to Youtube livestreams and Twitch livestreams with almost no latency (besides the baseline).  Since the initial tests worked out very well I decided to integrate the live chats into my tool to get the live chats from Youtube and Twitch also at the same time. This also was a few lines of Python thanks to many available libraries already.

Why: curiosity

Why did I do this? Essentially for the technical challenge and some of the topics involved are things I wanted to learn and get to know. Livestreaming, cool, but what's the tech?

This little Schnapsidee covered topics from devops, programming, encoding, and many other aspects that were just too interesting for me to not try out. Besides I got to understand how RTMP, STUN/TURN servers work (or just enough to explain what they do) so overall it is already a win for me.

Ok so what?

Alright here's the deal, once I got comfortable with the tech I saw that it is actually possible to aggregate the incoming chats from the plattforms while sending the same generated video/audio feed to both.

Framework for autonomous interactive livestream generation

If that doesn't immediately bring "Live crossplay crossword puzzle battle for Youtube live and Twitch live" to mind I don't what does. It's kind of "Lambdas for Livestream Gaming" since I don't have to maintain or support any streaming server or what not, just the client side of things that keeps the business intelligence so to speak.

This is obviously not limited to playing crosswords but can be extended to any applications or games that are turn based or at least with some latency in between. I don't believe playing GTA through the chat would yield any competitive incentive besides being a fun experience. So yeah, crosswords as a POC.

Initial concept of how it could look like

First crossword Youtube/Twitch live crossplay bonanza

I'm planning some test runs today if everything works out well, I will let it run one hour and see how that works out :)

Let me know if you want an invite to try it out here or just write on the comment section below.

Here is a live implementation of the crossword:

Live view of the stream (dummy data) Alberich Crosswords - Crossword 2 Set by Alberich