Switching from Lektor to Publii and other things

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My blog has been pretty inactive for two years now and I thought it's time to update it. One thing lead to another I lost the drive where I had the backups of my blog built upon Lektor. So I had to start again from scratch and to be honest I didn't feel like going the same way again. I stumbled upon Publii not long ago and I thought I'd play around a bit and so far the experience has been boombastic so I switched. 

I have built my very own markdown editor to format the posts for Lektor but right now the one built in in Publii does all the things and more. 

I've also deactivated google analytics because I do not care about those metrics that much. Seems like they did not motivate me enough to publish or write so buh bye. And yeah GDPR and stuff. 

See you around :)