Writing with simple words
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Writing with simple words

I just had an interesting read about how writing with simple words is better than using hard ones to explain something.

It is a fun thing to try out so I thought of the following: Write the same piece 2 times with different sets of allowed words. One with 1000 and one with 10000 words.
I leave it to the reader to find out which is which.


The past couple of days I have been working on something that I think is exciting. I want to create a service that couples many live services together into one to make them more interesting. What this means is that instead of just following a live event you can also be a part of it.

How this works is by bringing together what is happening in the live event with what you can do while watching: the messages and the likes are now part of the live event. They can actually change what is happening on the screen.

You write a message and something happens in real time in whatever you are watching. This way the live event becomes a conversation that many people can shape at the same time. It becomes something that can be played and also a fun thing to do with others.


Lately I have been working on a project that I think is interesting. Imagine having a program that lets you stream to multiple platforms at the same time and also lets you interact in real time with what is happening on any of them?

This works by using whatever is happening in the live stream and combining it with the live feed that is sent to the platforms. Since you can control both, you can generate and access both with a program.

The thing is then that someone posts something on the chat of one live stream that can impact the video that is generated in that stream. This way you can make something that is merely a passive experience into something that is active thus increasing engagement and also the fun.

Can you spot which is which? Which is clearer than the other? :)